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I made the decision in early 2014 that I was going to stray from the medical/dental sales community that I have built my career. My life has always been sprinkled with my passion for music, animals and fitness and now I am able to create careers in each of these areas. When I feed my soul with things I love, I thrive along with those I serve! As a pet owner who loves to travel, I can appreciate the need to be at ease and relaxed while my furry family member is in the care of someone other than myself. Paws Amore Pet Sitting & Dog Walking is the realization of that dream!

Meet The Team


Hi-I'm Julia! I am proud to introduce myself as Paws Amore's office manager. I came from a long lived career in fashion retail management. I found Paws as a side gig from my love of animals. As time went on, I appreciated how rewarding it felt to help the clients and their fur babies. I learned people who love pets have an undeniable warmth to their souls. 

I also had great admiration for the family environment that Dena tried creating as well as her own personal sense of passion and drive as a small business owner. I was eventually able to depart from my retail management career and transfer my skillset to the office at Paws. I consider myself very lucky to be apart of the team and know it's in line with purpose!

In my free time I love taking road trips with my shih tau, Bubba! Although- Sometimes I feel sorry for him because he has to listen to my off-key singing along the way!


Hi, my name is Heather and I have been around animals my whole life. While growing up in Massachusetts I competed in horse shows and had goats, ferrets, cats, dogs, chickens, and guinea pigs. Two years ago I purchased a home in Marietta that was perfect for my 4 dogs and moved us all here from another county in GA. I have Beefcake my English bulldog, Shelby my Sharpei-shepard rescue, Piglet my retired service dog who is a red nose pitbull and last and weighting the least is Miya Moto my 4lb Yorkshire terrier. I have been rescuing, rehabilitating and fostering dogs for around 8 years and pet sitting for about 10 years. My experience pet sitting has been for a variety of animals from everyday pets to  exotic animals and unique pets like raccoons but I specialize in special needs and senior pets. I can not wait for the opportunity to help care for your fur babies! 


Hello!, my name is Brandon. I'm a current college student at Kennesaw State University. I'm majoring in Biology hoping that i can make a career out of taking care of animals. I'm very passionate about animals, and love taking care of them. I like to spend my free time either being outdoors or spending time with my family and my dog named Bolt. One thing I really enjoy is going on hiking trails with my family and Bolt, and experiencing the beauty of nature.


My name is George, A Smyrna resident for 29 years, I am retired from working in the corporate world and now focusing on growing the business my wife founded 2 years ago. Married with five children (all out of the house) and have always grown up with pets. For me, it’s always been dogs – of all sizes; for my wife, cats and for our kids, dogs, cats, birds, gerbils and rabbits. We lost our two dogs last year, so Paws Amore allows me the opportunity to still ‘have’ some dogs of all varieties, so I look forward to the new adventure.


Hi!  My name is René. I have been a pet lover and owner from childhood as my home was always filled with 4-legged rescued family members. Each of our animals have brought such love and happiness into my life in their own unique way...and left a huge hole in my heart when they leave. I have my own business and work from home giving me a flexible schedule so I can enjoy time with PawsAmore.


Hi, my name is Christy. I am a Georgia native and live in the Marietta area.  My day job is a real estate agent and have been in the business for over 15 years.  I have two grown children who are out of the home now. I grew up with cats and dogs. My family had short haired dachshunds all my life.  I owned two of my own long haired dachshunds. One lived to 15 years of age and the other to 18.  I recently owned a rescue who was my pride and joy.  I learned so much from him.  I look forward to sharing my love and passion with yours!  


Hi, I'm Melissa. I'm a mom of two. I have been around animals my whole life. Since working with Paws, I've had many interesting experiences that I would not change for the world.


Hi, my name is Ethan. I am originally from Minnesota but have been in Atlanta forquite some time. I have lived with and cared for many pets my entire life andhave a special place in my heart for all animals. I am an avid runner and wouldlove to exercise with your pup!


Hi! My name is Caitlin. I’ve been in the Atlanta area for most of my life, and received my B.A. in communication and information sciences from the University of Alabama. I’m currently working on my nursing degree at Georgia State University. I’ve been surrounded by all kinds of animals my entire life - from little ones to big ones - and I’m excited to help care for your fur babies too!


Hello my name is Cameron! All dogs are my bestfriends. Ive worked with so many different types, all ages and all breeds. My priority is to make your dog feel comfortable and have fun! I currently have a puppy named Bubba who is a Catahoula and am having so much fun training and teaching him the ways of the world. I can't wait to meet your fur baby!


Hi I am Hailey!  I am the proud Mama of Memphis and Priss.  I adore them beyond words.  Due to my day job I work only as a part-time admin for Paws as their "in-house" tech specialist.  I take care of the social media end of things for Paws Amore.


My name is Makayla Makayla Watro and im 23 and i enjoy hanging out on the farm and riding horses and working at my other job as a dog trainer (basic training) and love to come home to my family and walking my dog and spending time with her.


Hi, my name is Brad and I am a retired elementary school teacher. I’m originally from New-York but have been living in Marietta for the past 24 years. I moved down to Atlanta without knowing anyone and the drive would have been lonely without my trusty pal, China Cat.  Of course, once you spend all day trying to keep up with six and seven year olds, keeping up with pups are a breeze.


Hello, I am Jodi.  My daytimes are filled with kiddies of the human form in Gwinnett County schools, but my evenings and weekends bring me joy taking care of your precious fur babies.  I love what I do and have been a part of Paws Amore from the beginning.


My name is Betty and I’m excited to be in Team Paws Amore! I live in Canton but travel all over in and out of the Perimeter. The pup in my picture is my 14 year old Isabel and I also have a 12 year old Shitzu named Sophie. They are the love of my life! (Besides my hubby of 29 years!) I love all animals big or small and looking forward to spoil yours too!


Hi there, my name is Matt, and I’m a proud daddy to Zach and Jasmin — two beautiful and sweet cats I adopted in 2012.  Zach was Mr. August in the Washington Animal Rescue League’s calendar a few years ago … because he’s a handsome guy (and pictured with me here). Before Zach and Jasmin, I had Tuck and Tia —  brother and sister orange tabby cats.  When I grew up here in Atlanta, I cared for my family's poodles, Bobo and Toto. I have a lot of interests including cooking, movies and music. I’ve recently returned to Atlanta after living in D.C. for over twenty years, and after leaving a career that lasted fourteen years. I’m excited to meet your pups and kitties.

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